Team ARC Audio Sweeps the Competition at the 2018 SBN Show

Team ARC at 2018 SBN

Team ARC Audio once again showcased its dominance in the sound quality lanes with yet another phenomenal performance this past weekend at the 2018 Spring break Nationals in Daytona Beach Florida.

Hosted at the Daytona Beach International Speedway in Daytona Beach Florida Team ARC Audio attend this year’s event featuring the IASCA and MECA competition formats in conjunction with the 29th annual Daytona Turkey Run Car show.

With over 5000 car collectors, builders and audio enthusiasts in attendance team ARC Audio spent the weekend showcasing their hard work and giving non-stop demos to other competitors and spectators giving them a taste of the audio bliss heard in each of these team vehicles.

At the end of the weekend ARC Audio finished with an unprecedented sweep of every class it competed in with the top podium placements in all categories that we had multiple cars in, including a complete 1-2-3 sweep of the SBN Money round featuring the best of the best sounding cars in America in a single sound quality-based class.

Congratulations to all the members of team ARC Audio and to all the competitors competing with ARC Audio products for your continued support of ARC Audio and its brand of quality hi-end car audio products.

2018 SBN Results-

IASCA 2-Seat Triple Crown

IASCA 1-Seat Triple Crown

IASCA Install Best of Show

MECA Sound Quality Best of Show

MECA SQL Best of Show


1st Place SBN SQ Money Round

1st Place MECA Master SQ

1st Place MECA Extreme SQ

1st Place MECA Extreme Install

1st Place IASCA Ultimate SQ

1st Place IASCA Expert Install

1st Place MECA RTA

1st Place IASCA Expert

1st Place IASCA Ultimate

1st Place IASCA Pro Install

1st Place IASCA Pro Am

1st Place Amateur

2nd Place SBN SQ Money Round

2nd Place IASCA Expert

2nd Place IASCA Pro

3rd Place SQ SBN Money Round

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