PS8 Software & Firmware Update released 5/16/2018

Software Update release sneak peek image

PS8 Software/Firmware update release - 5/16/2018

Effective today, Wednesday 5/16/2018 there is a new version of the PS8 software and firmware available on the ARC Audio website. This update fixes a couple reported randomly experienced bugs in some applications and installations.

Software Old Version- 3.0.2  
Software New Version-  3.0.3

Firmware Old Version- 201078
Firmware New Version- 201079

The fixes on this update include-

1) PS8 turn on/off timing control circuit

Reported bug-

After a firmware update and on some units after setting the remote “remote turn-on” setting to settings to 2.55 or lower the PS8 in some applications will stay turned on for several minutes after the system is turned off.


Available default control settings minimized to 2.6 seconds or higher only for user selection. This gives the DSP additional time to complete its power up cycle and prevent this anomaly.

2) Crossover frequency not reporting active after changed form all pass (No Slope)

Reported Bug-
After a firmware update or during a settings load function crossover bands that are previously set in an all pass operation, if changed to an active slope the crossover frequency control would not report the selected frequency until the user would toggle or change selection of that bands damping to a different type (Linkwitz-Riley, Butterworth etc) or toggle between two different damping types and return to the desired selection.

GUI updated, and this function has been restored to normal operation as intended and designed.

3) PS8 active profile recall on power up with using alternate profile selector.

Reported Bug-
PS8 defaulting to preset 1 program last installed by PC after changing profiles through an alternative selector.

Firmware updated to allow the PS8 to start up on power up to reflect the last known active state when it was last powered up regardless of the control function used to select between presets.


To download the new software please visit the product page for the PS8 at - and select “specifications” and click on the download link.


To upload the new firmware use your newly updated PS8 software firmware update utility and upload it while connected to the PS8 directly from our system server.


For step by step instructions on how to update your software and firmware please visit our video tutorial library at