ARC Audio announces new website and e-commerce solution. home page

Modesto, CA, January 26th, 2018 – ARC Audio continues 20th Anniversary announcements with a new website and e-commerce solution. 

ARC Audio is proud to announce today the launch of a completely new website and e-commerce web platform solution for its website This completely redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information and features to provide our retailers and consumers with a more comprehensive understanding of the Company's innovative and exclusive mobile, marine, UTV and motorcycle audio specialty products.

The new website has a clean, uncluttered design, improved functionality, and enhanced rich content focused on the company's mission to provide the world's finest car audio and motorcycle audio products. Also, the new website includes enhanced compatibility with almost any web device allowing users to benefit from a balanced experience regardless if they are visiting on a desktop, tablet, smartphone or another mobile device. Thanks to the custom-built content management system, product updates, news, and other detailed information can stream onto the site quickly and easily.

“We are excited about the launch of our new website. The robust platform makes delivering information to our customers, our dealers and to the installers that work with our products every day easier and more efficient”, said Fred Lynch, Web and E-Commerce Solutions Manager for ARC Audio. “We believe that this new site will allow our visitors to have a very informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence."

ARC Audio’s new website also marks the delivery of a new dealer operated e-commerce solution thanks to a partnership with Quivers inc. Founded in 2003, Quivers bases their operations on enhancing the retail shopping experience while allowing brands to offer personalized marketplaces that are configurable for each unique audience.

The enhancement and addition of the Quivers e-commerce utilities provide ARC Audio dealers with a direct channel to the web through an authorized portal to fulfill customer orders in territories that do not have a retailer within a reasonable distance of the consumer. The combination of this new real-time ordering solution, our dealer order solutions like our live Mobile App order processing and internally controlled order management within ARC Audio will allow for greatly improved order processing times and better overall shopping experience for our customers.

Many of the new products shown at CES are included in the release of the new but several new products will wait on their web debut in the coming weeks.

For more information about ARC Audio, our products or for dealer inquiries, please visit or call 209-543-8706.